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Garrett's funny, educational podcast defies categorization in it's unrelenting effort to make learning fun. In the show, a social scientist, recovering misanthrope, educator, and stressed out human-being, combines silliness and curiosity to inspire learning, spread happiness, and reduce our collective anxieties. He contemplates silly questions and finds the silliness in serious questions. Fat pets, creepy plants, wine fingers, thong underwear, bad hair cuts, and everything else sillycurious.

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Thursday Jul 16, 2020

In a special episode, Amanda Wang discusses the boy band BROCKHAMPTON. She analyzes the band's place in the American narrative of class, power, and inequality with condensed analysis of their extensive commentary on topics such as race, sexuality, identity, and class struggles.  In the midst of the movement for racial justice, the episode was created during a course offered at Georgia Tech titled "Class, Power, and Inequality." 

Monday Feb 03, 2020

Garrett meets Sterling Davis, The Trapking, to discuss ways to respectfully and compassionately care for feral cats.  The Trapking suggests Trap, Neuter, and Return programs are a humane alternative to euthanasia.  Sterling shares the details of his work with literally thousands of cats over the past several years. He also helps Garrett learn how to perform a dope cat rap. 

Sunday Jan 19, 2020

In a collective effort to be healthy, Americans spend billions of dollars each year on vitamins, gym memberships, yoga classes, and anything that might make them healthier. Garrett tries to understand our obsession with the pursuit of health. He shares his experience losing weight, working out, eating right and trying to constantly improve his health. He sits down with an esteemed professor to discuss the social and cultural factors that shape the ways people move and think. 

Being Kind to Kudzu

Saturday Jan 04, 2020

Saturday Jan 04, 2020

The kudzu vine covers possibly 7 million acres of land in the Southern U.S. and is spreading to places like New York and Pennsylvania.  Many people think kudzu is an invasive nuisance. Garrett talks with Cherokee basketmaker, artist, storyteller and teacher Nancy Basket. Nancy thinks this stigmatized vine is actually our friend. Garrett and Nancy share laughs and stories as they talk about the relationships humans share with plants and all of nature.

Sunday Dec 29, 2019

The Sillycurious Podcast combines silliness and curiosity to inspire learning and spread happiness. We ask silly questions and find the silliness in serious questions. We discuss important questions facing humankind. Why do we feel so obligated to try to get in shape and lose weight? Are biscuits or dumplings the superior companion to your chicken dinner? Fat pets, creepy plants, wine fingers, thong underwear, bad hair cuts, cultural norms and other important stuff.

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